The fastest way to send your goods to/from East Malaysia.​

Metroport is the largest air cargo consolidator between West Malaysia and East Malaysia. Our specialty is door-to-door deliveries in this trade. Why? Because we know how frustrating it can be, if all you want to do is send out your goods without worrying how it’ll get there.

We cover all the groundwork from the point of pickup to delivery, including domestic logistics arrangements, storage and distribution.

With a full range of flight schedules and pricing from all domestic cargo carriers, we can provide you the fastest, most cost effective way of sending your shipments to your customers in East Malaysia.*

What this gives you is the advantage of convenience and an easier way to penetrate new markets. When your business becomes more competitive, we’d be cheering as we help you grow. Every major town and even the outskirts of Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei are covered by us, for you.