Avis Pioneer has the global resources to ship your special, heavy and oversize cargo safely and securely

Cargoes come in all shapes and sizes and cannot always be squeezed into a standard container. From military tanks to road-building machinery, oil drilling to specialist garments, Avis Pioneer has the experience and know-how to safely transport freight that cannot be containerized. We have Out of Gauge (OOG) and special cargo handling facilities and equipment available globally to support your project and heavy shipments from origin to destination.

The Avis Pioneer Advantage

Comprehensive service network

  • Avis Pioneer extensive international shipping and intermodal network connects you to just about anywhere in the world
  • Global availability of OOG and special cargo handling facilities, with in-location expertise

Consistent and reliable schedules

  • Sailing schedules with weekly sailings and fixed port rotations, simplify your planning
  • Online shipment visibility tools allow you to track and monitor the status of your cargo along the supply chain

Flexible delivery solutions

  • Delivery options are crafted to suit your varied needs, including door-to door service
  • Ship in either unitized or containerised units, for your convenience
  • Choose to ship your cargo as manufactured or produced
  • No need to consolidate entire projects into a single shipment
  • Different pickup and delivery locations for the same project possible


  • We have a range of specialist handling and storage equipment which we can deploy to suit your cargo

  Open top container – Used for top-loading or overheight     cargo (i.e. taller than 7’)
  Collapsible flat rack container – Used for heavyweight     cargo or overwidth (i.e. wider than 8’)

  Break Bulk – Where cargo exceeds limitation of loading     on special equipment. Cargo is considered as break bulk     when it is

  • Wider than 14’
  • Higher than 14’
  • Longer than 40’
  • Heavier than 70,000 lbs
  • Or any combination of the above


Get a quote faster?

Have the following information ready during the call to allow us to serve you faster:
  • Dimensions of the cargo, including packaging and skidding (length x width x height)
  • Cargo weight, including packaging and skidding
  • Center of gravity information
  • Weight distribution
  • Lifting and lashing points (cargo securing points)
  • Your shipment schedule


Sales person : Peter
Mobile/Tel : (+60) 0162175146
Email : enquiry@avispioneer.com


Sales person : Michel
Mobile/Tel : (+60) 0162175146
Email : cs2@avispioneer.com